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Our Latest Product In Details



Here is a list of features you’ll find in our 4K-POS software:

Point of Sale Transaction Processing

Simple and Easy to Use Interface

§  Real-time Point of Sale Transaction Processing

§  Fast Barcode Scanning

§  Automatic Update of Customer Purchase Records

§  Inventory / SKU Lookups

§  Multi-Store Customer/Inventory Integration

§  Invoices

§  Layaways

§  Quotes

§  Special Orders

§  Gift Registry

§  Rentals

§  Shipping Integration (Fedex & UPS)

§  Product Photos

§  Price Override Capability

§  Scan Vendor UPC or SKU / Code

§  Touch Screen Ready

§  Easy Transaction Editing

§  Immediate Inventory Lookup Display

§  On Screen Help

§  Loyalty Points Tracking & Integration

§  Discount Options

§  Gift Cards & Gift Certificates

§  Paid In / Paid Out

§  Change Customer Mid-Transaction

§  Change Price / Tax / Qty / Clerk Mid-Transaction

§  Sales Returns

§  Web Store Integration

§  Quick Launch Buttons

Advanced Tax Tracking Features

§  Automatic Tax Calculation

§  User-definable Sales Tax Rates

§  Tax Override Capability

§  Out of State Shipping Tax Calculations

§  Canadian GST / PST / HST Support

§  US Federal / State Tax Support

Payment Processing

§  Multiple Payment Types (Visa/MC/Gift Card/Cash etc.)

§  Accounts Receivable Tracking and Processing

§  Accounts Receivable Limits

§  Integrated Credit Card Payment Processing

§  Markdown, Credit and Payment Type Tracking

§  Park & Recall Transactions

§  Multiple Payment Types

§  Gift Card Processing

Clerk Security and Tracking

§  Granular Security Levels

§  Cashier, Clerk or Multi-Clerk Commission Splitting

§  Auto-Login or Per-Transaction Login

§  Auto-Logout or Single Button Logout

§  Employee Badge Scanning

§  Biometric Login Support

§  Clerk Login and Transaction Tracking

Customer Management

§  Full Customer Detail Tracking (Name, Address, Shipping, Email, Contact Info etc.)

§  Email Subscriber Checkbox

§  Mail Subscriber Checkbox

§  Google Map Integration

§  Store Credit Tracking

§  Current A/R Tracking

§  Points Earned Tracking

§  Tax Exemptions

§  Parent / Child Customer Capability

§  Active / Inactive Customer Flag

§  Unlimited Custom Attribute Tracking

§  Customer Attribute Reporting

§  Clerk Visible Customer Notes

§  Detailed Records of All Customer Purchases

§  Form Letters and Mailing Labels

§  Customer Last Name, Telephone and Barcode Lookup

§  Accounts Receivable Monthly Statements

§  Frequent Shopper Loyalty Points Program

§  Accept Payments on Account From Any Location

§  Customer Photo / ID

§  Number of Transactions Per Customer

§  Total COGS, Revenue, Profit, Returns Per Customer

§  Custom Time Periods for Totals Calculations

§  On the Fly Custom A/R Report

§  Custom Interest Rates Per Customer

§  CRM Functionality (Track Events, Birthdays, Calls, Emails etc.)

Inventory Management

§  Track Inventory Details ( SKU, Description, Product #, Group, Unit, Vendor, Brand, Dept., Season)

§  Full Support for Multi-Dimensional Category Tracking (Up to 4 Levels Deep)

§  Per SKU Tax Tracking (GST, PST, HST, State Taxes etc.)

§  Price Includes Tax Checkbox

§  Support for Partial Quantity Items

§  Support for Rental Items

§  Support for Item Baskets

§  Depoits & Recycling Tracking

§  Custom Attribute Creation (ie. Age Group, Style etc.)

§  Tracking of Regular Sell Price, List Cost, Landed Cost, Avg. Cost, Special Pricing, Minimum Pricing, PKG Qty, Points and Spiffs

§  Attach Photo’s to Your SKUs

§  Automatic Discount Rules and Special Prices

§  Instant “Who Bought This Item” Reporting

§  Inventory and UPC Lookups

§  Multi-Store Inventory Tracking, Look-ups, Control and Transfers

§  Easy-to-operate Inventory Add/Edit Feature

§  Individual User Custom Size Matrix

§  Multi-level Password Protection

§  Display Units Sold, On-Hand, On-Order

§  Received & Re-Order Points

§  Locate Inventory by Class, Stock ##, Style ##, Vendor

§  Special Orders

§  Inventory Count (Complete or Selective)

§  Portable Inventory Scanner Integration

§  Variance Reports and Adjustments

§  Transfer In/Out Reports

§  Transfer History

§  In-Store Sub-Locations

§  In-Store Sub-Location Transfers

§  Purchase Orders

§  Multiple Vendors Per Sku

§  Web Inventory Integration (HTML Descriptions, Photos, Web Price, etc.)


§  daily, weekly and monthly sales reports

§  gross profit reports

§  best/worst seller reports

§  sales by class, clerk, vendor and customer

§  sell through by class, style or vendor

§  inventory analysis report

§  inventory detail, catalogue & by class

§  below model report

§  open-to-buy reports

§  purchase order summary and by class

§  item-specific customer listing

§  full customer list and purchase activity

§  return on investment reporting

Sales Reports (Sample of Just One Section of Reports)

§  Best Sellers List by Sku

§  Best Sellers List by Product Number

§  Best Sellers List by Disclaimer

§  Detailed Sold Item Listing

§  Gross Profit by Date

§  Gross Profit by SKU

§  Gross Profit by Product Number

§  Gross Profit by Till Name

§  Gross Profit by Transaction

§  Gross Profit by Department

§  Gross Profit by Sub Department

§  Gross Profit by Vendor

§  Gross Profit by Clerk

§  Gross Profit by Company

§  Gross Profit by Customer

§  Gross Profit by Brand

§  Gross Profit by Season

§  Gross Profit by Discount Reason

§  Gross Profit by Disclaimer

§  Payment Detail

§  Paid In/Out Listing by Date

§  Paid In/Out Listing by Reason

§  Paid In/Out Listing by Transaction Type

§  Special Order

§  Payment Summary

§  Sales Analysis by Department

§  Sales Analysis by Sub Department

§  Sales Analysis by Vendor

§  Sales Analysis by SKU

§  Sales Analysis by SKU & Dimensions

§  Sales Analysis by Product Number

§  Sales Analysis by Brand

§  Sales Analysis by Season

§  Sales by Department

§  Sales by Sub Department

§  Sales by Clerk

§  Sales by Company

§  Sales by Customer

§  Sales by Vendor

§  Sales by Brand

§  Sales by SKU

§  Sales by Product Number

§  Sales by Till Name

§  Sales by Brand and Department

§  Sales by Disclaimer

§  Sales by Season

§  Sales by SKU and Dimensions

§  Sales by Store and Clerk

§  Sales by Discount Reason

§  Sales by Vendor and Department

§  Sales Per Period

§  Hourly Sales Report

§  Sales Summary

§  Transaction Details

§  Transaction Listing

§  Worst Sellers List by SKU

§  Worst Sellers List by Product Number

§  Worst Sellers List by Disclaimer

§  ReStock by SKU

§  ReStock by Product Number

§  ReStock by Transaction Date

§  ReStock by Vendor

§  ReStock by Sales Clerk

§  Sales Qty Dimension Matrix by Department

§  Sales Qty Dimension Matrix by Sub Department

§  Sales Qty Dimension Matrix by Clerk

§  Sales Qty Dimension Matrix by Company

§  Sales Qty Dimension Matrix by Customer

§  Sales Qty Dimension Matrix by Vendor

§  Sales Qty Dimension Matrix by Brand

§  Sales Qty Dimension Matrix by SKU

§  Sales Qty Dimension Matrix by Product Number

§  Sales Qty Dimension Matrix by Disclaimer

§  Sales Qty Dimension Matrix by Season

§  Sales and Layaways by Department

§  Sales and Layaways by Sub Department

§  Sales and Layaways by Clerk

§  Sales and Layaways by Company

§  Sales and Layaways by Customer

§  Sales and Layaways by Vendor

§  Sales and Layaways by Brand

§  Sales and Layaways by SKU

§  Sales and Layaways by Product Number

§  Sales and Layaways by Till Name

§  Sales and Layaways by Brand and Department

§  Sales and Layaways by Disclaimer

§  Sales and Layaways by Season

§  Sales and Layaways by Vendor and Department

§  Monthly Sales by Trailing Twelve Month

§  Monthly Sales by Yearly Net Sales

§  Monthly Sales by Inventory Turnover

§  Monthly Sales by Sales Dashboard

§  Sku Benchmarking by Department

§  Sku Benchmarking by Sub Department

§  Sku Benchmarking by Vendor

§  Sku Benchmarking by Brand

§  Sku Benchmarking by SKU

§  Sku Benchmarking by Disclaimer

§  Sku Benchmarking by Season

§  Weekly Sales Dashboard

§  Weekly Net Sales

§  Clerk Productivity Report