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Inventory Management


Invoice Management

Create Invoices and Quotes

Invoice History

Record Payments and Payment Methods

Stock Adjustment from Warehouse and Location

Pre-Built Invoice Templates

Customizable Invoices

Optional MS Word Invoice Design

Invoice Notes

Inventory Discounts

Customer Quick Search

Quick Invoice Find

Import Invoice Wizard

Export Invoices Stock Item Management

Stock Database

Assign and Print Barcodes

Multiple Price Lists

Allocate Stock to Multiple Warehouses and Locations

Customizable Item Fields

Item Tracking (for serial numbers, etc)

Minimum and Reorder Levels

Automated Stock Reordering

Item Pictures

Automatic Item Numbering

Assign Category and Sub-Categories

Quick Stock Find

Item Groups

Receive Stock

Reduce Stock Levels

Transfer Stock Between Locations

Stock Count

Different Item Units

Import Inventory Wizard

Export Inventory

Filter View


Customer Management

Customer Database

Billing Address and Shipping Address

Track Customer Payments

Amount Owing Reports

Customer Quick Find

Import Customer Wizard

Email Mailing List Wizard

Multiple Payment Methods


Built in Reports

Print to Printer, Plain Text, PDF or Web Page

Compatible with MS Access and Crystal Reports

Invoice Graphs

Compare Item Sales with Graphs

Compare Category Sales with Graphs

Category Reports

Customer Sales Reports

Customer Owing Reports

Commission Reports

Reorder Reports

Cost and Profit Reports

Item Sales Reports

Item Tracking Report

Price Lists

User Tracking Reports

Vendor Item Report

Vendor Reorder Report


Easy to Use Interface

Database Backup

Track Sales Agents and Commissions

Import/Export to standard CSV files

Multiple Tax Rates

Compatible with MS Office

Desktop, Cloud, Web, SQL Server and Custom Editions

Barcode Scanner Support